1. Focus

The e-Business Master Degree Program is focused on the preparation of skilled and highly educated professionals who are able to implement state of the art information, communication and management technologies in enterprises, and small and medium businesses. It is expected graduates to become successful managers or entrepreneurs.

  1. Teaching

The teaching is focused on students and their specific needs. Students are active participants in the learning process. Students are expected to prepare and deliver presentations and course works on a regular base. Team work is encouraged.

Students have the opportunity to choose courses that match with their career plans.  Courses are organized in four areas: Business Applications, Entrepreneurship and ICT Business, Computing Foundations, and Business Mathematics.

  1. Career opportunities

e-Business Master Degree graduates could become successful Consultants, Managers, Analysts, System Architects, Project Managers, etc. They will be able to start or to develop further their own ICT business. They will acquire profound analytical skills, specific knowledge, and will be capable to make rational decisions in the area of ICT and electronic business.

  1. Candidates

Candidates must have at least a Bachelor Degree or equivalent in Informatics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, Management, Business Administration, or similar from an accredited university. The average grade must be at least good 4 (in a 4 grade scale from 2 [fail] to 6 [excellent]). It is expected candidates to have at least 2 years working experience in an ICT company or an ICT department or in business administration. Proof of English speaking proficiency (fluent) is required. An application letter and two recommendations (one from a university professor) are expected.