The Internet can be looked at as one global computer with infinite computing power and inexhaustible source of information. Nowadays we can not imagine any business not having network connectivity, not having access to global resources. Any program you write should be able to " talk " to the outside world. That is to have an open socket (IP address:Port Number) on which to “ listen” to requests from other programs anywhere on the Global network.
All this becomes a necessity to obtain knowledge of computer networks and communications.

Is required students to in depth knowledge in computer architecture and operating systems, Linux / Unix in particular. That means that students would have passed exams in "Computer Architecture" and “Operating Systems”.


At the end of the course students should have achieved a basic knowledge of how to create a network application, ie a program able to "talk" to the outside world like client-server and peer-to-peer systems. It will introduce them to courses like Web Technologies, Network Programming, Parallel Processing Systems, etc.



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