Sales and Marketing at IT Company is designed as an introduction to the theory and practice of Sales and Marketing within a determined IT context. Students will establish an ability to suggest relevant marketing approaches and assess market opportunities of a chosen product or a service. They will design an experience of going through core marketing processes of segmentation, targeting and positioning on a market. Moreover, a conduction of an online-based Marketing Simulation is proposed as a learning tool in the domain of "Managing Segments and Markets". Sales focus is built on analyzing, designing and managing a sale. In addition, students will have an opportunity to communicate and perform their own recommendations and respectively build upon the recommendations of their peers. Practically, the course explores the principles and applications of sales and marketing concepts through a mix of lectures, guest speakers, cases, and individual or team assignments.

Students will be able to determine and manage segments and targets by conducting a marketing research in terms of a defined market opportunity. They will learn to conceptualize a design of a new product or service, or to improve existing brands through positioning them n-between direct competitors. Student will become familiar with building a strategic selling blueprint. 

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