This course covers the basic concepts of planning and control of material flow into, within and outside the organization.Besides, it deals with the fundamental relationships between different kind of activities in the supply chain from suppliers of raw materials to the final client as well as with a management approach for integration of the supply chain; Supply Chain Operational Reference Model – SCOR, benchmarking, the Value Chain Management, VCOR Model.

In addition, it covers different production systems, forecasting, Material Resource Planning (MRP), capacity planning, distribution, purchasing, operations management, quality management, production Just-in-Time (JIT), Lean production (Toyota Production Management), Six Sigma, Lean six sigma methodologies/production. 

It complements and builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in training and practice.

Teaching this course provides preparation of powerful human potential of quality professionals with a good scientific and practical training.

The program is designed specifically for students in graduate programs or specialists who will gain the knowledge and experience to improve the competitiveness of organizations through various approaches, and will learn how to achieve cost reductions while increasing sales and efficiency, and improve customer service and satisfaction.

Course organization: Lectures, seminars, exercises

Teaching: discussions and presentations

This course is for:

-       Graduate students and specialists (BSc, graduated in mathematics and informatics, informatics, computer science or applied mathematics at FMI or related disciplines in other universities).

-       Nontrained specialists (Bachelors degree in other majors - it is necessary to have a basic knowledge in the field of education and information technology).

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